With 15 years for commissioning, TOZE Consulting’s experience allows us to have a particular technical eye on your hydraulic, aeraulic, heat production and cooling systems.


From theory to implementation, the eye is pragmatic,


Abroad :


Military Hospital in Algeria


Technical management and implementation of the maintenance concerning 450 air handling units, 4000 fan coil units, 27 MW chilled water production in Saudi Arabia


Global package Retrofit and commissioning of air conditioning equipment, electro-gens, kitchen exhaust balancing of the French Embassy in Beijing & Ankara.


Multiple mouting & commissioning of a pharmaceutical laboratory in Tunis


Commissioning of the production of drinking water, filtration pools, air conditioning of a luxury hotel in Seychelles.


Technical Expertise of Administrative Buildings in the Philippines


In France :


Commissioning in pharmaceutical industry, tobacco industry, municipal pools, hospitals, clinics, the chemical industry, multipurpose buildings, cinemas … .etc …

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